Reading Velodrome Racing

Managed by the Track Cycling League

at Palmer Park Stadium, Wokingham Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1LF
British Cycling Central Division - Governing Body for Track Racing in England & Wales

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Derny Racing

Reading Track Cycling League has a stable of eight modern Derny pacing motors that are used both in training and races at the Velodrome.

In 2000 the inaugural National Derny Paced Championship was promoted by the Track League and held at Palmer Park Velodrome.

For information regarding Dernys contact: Colin Garnham.

Derny Charges

The Derny Pacing Motors are the property of Reading Track Cycling League and not part of the Palmer Park Stadium facilities.

The Dernys are available for use by other organizations for individual or group training sessions or race meetings..

Use of the Derny Pacing Motors are subject to the following provisions:-

  1. The following seven RTCL officials have keys to the Derny lock-up : -
    Dick Poole, Clive Sturgeon, Martin Todd, Gordon Sherratt, Colin Garnham, Andrew Pitt and Chris Macleod.
    Use of the Dernys may be arranged by contacting one of the above.
  2. Normally only RTCL accredited drivers will use the Dernys. The driver needs to have British Cycling Gold or Silver membership with a motor pace 'B' or 'C' endorsement. This is essential for insurance purposes.

  3. RTCL Accredited 'B' (Race) Drivers are:-
    Sean Bannister 0208 421 1866 Gordon Sherratt 01628 415648
    Malcolm Freeman 01844 216445 Clive Sturgeon 01276 35489
    Colin Garnham 0118 972 2620 Keith Wilmot 0208 813 5498
    Gisela Bradbury 0118 901 7652 Andrew Pitt 0118 926 0293
    John Wann 0118 969 2898 Chris Macleod 07525 361904
    Dave Dentus     Matt Gittings  
    RTCL Accredited "C" (Training) Drivers are:-
    Shane Benson 01344 750617 Martin Todd 01344 772124
  4. For group training sessions and race meetings, other than those organized by RTCL, at Palmer Park Velodrome a donation of £5/hour/Derny is required to cover the running costs.
  5. For individual one to one training sessions a similar donation of £5/hour/Derny is required to cover the running costs. To hire a Derny for a day away from Palmer Park is £30 excluding any transport charges.
  6. Any emolument for the driver's time is subject to negotiation with the nominated driver.
  7. If the intention is to use the recognised Tuesday or Thursday evening training sessions this first needs to be cleared with Dick Poole, the resident coach. Sessions at any other time need to be arranged with the Palmer Park staff.

We are always keen to increase our pool of accredited drivers. Malcolm Freeman, Colin Garnham and Clive Sturgeon are Reading Track Cycling League's British Cycling registered Derny pacing tutors. Anyone who is Interested in being an accredited Derny pacer should contact one of these three.

October 2009